Welcome to Fool's Gold's website.  We are known as "Ennis Montana's Premier Party Band".  We're  all about fun times, partying, and dancing.  The music spans 3 decades and three genres of music: country, blues, and classic rock.  Every song played evokes memories or gets your toes tapping.  Its not uncommon to see the dance floor filled from the beginning to end at our shows.  There are a smattering of original tunes as well ...... that are fresh and lively.  Fool's Gold is a classic 5 piece band.  Two guitars, bass, and drums and often keyboards.  Strong vocals and harmonies.  We invite you to join us at shows and leave with a big smile on your face.  We are constantly adding to our repertoire and we pull from it to make the night and the mood as positive as possible.  Reading the crowd and catering to their enjoyment is how we operate.  We hope to see you soon!!!

Latest Happenings

Spring has sprung in the Madison Valley 

This year is stacking up to be a great summer in the Madison Valley and music opportunities abound.  Fool's Gold will be playing a number of events like the 2019 Beer and Spirits Festival, the 7th annual Willies Pig Roast, 4th of July Parade and BBQ in Ennis, private parties and weddings.  We will also be playing a few bar gigs in West Yellowstone, Bozeman and Ennis.  Check out our facebook page and website for our calendar of events.

We hope to see all our friends and meet some new ones along the way.  We have lots of new music and a fantastic line-up in the band.  Make sure to check us out!  God Bless America!!!!

Montana Summers - I think it was on a Tuesday this year.... 

Fool's Gold is going strong with private events, weddings, and bar gigs.  Coming up are gigs at the Gallatin River House Grill in Big Sky, Sunrise Saloon in Missoula, The Gravel Bar in Ennis, The Eagles in Bozeman, The Blue Moon Saloon in Cameron, and the Wild West in West Yellowstone.  In addition we are doing some weddings and private parties.  We are now taking bookings for weddings and private parties in 2019.

The band has a super solid set list and we continue to add new songs regularly, especially with harmonies.  We would love to see you all come out to one or more of our upcoming gigs.  We thank all of you loyal followers for spreading the word.  See you on the road.

Hunting season is upon us... some changes this fall 

What a busy summer for the band.  Weddings, private events, and bar gigs.  We played some new venues for the first time, The Bale of Hay (in Virginia City), The Wild West (in W. Yellowstone), and The Two Bit Saloon (in Whitehall).  We have had some personnel changes as well.  My long time friend and bass player, Lem Boyd, has chosen to move on and perfect his singles act.  We wish him the very best.  You might see him on stage with us from time to time.  He surely will be missed.  Brian Cartwright joins Fool's Gold to replace Lem on bass.  Brian has been the leader of another band, AlterEgo, for over 20 years.  Brian brings a lot of bass and singing skills to the band and is a welcome addition.  We have a number of gigs planned throughout the fall and winter at both the Gallatin River House, in Big Sky, and the Wild West in W. Yellowstone.  We will also be playing at one of our favorites, The Blue Moon Saloon in November and December.

We are booking weddings already for the spring and summer of 2018.  If you are contemplating one or know someone who is, let them know about us.  We love weddings!!!!  Also, its time to book your Christmas parties and New Year's parties.  Keep us in mind as we are filling up fast.  We look forward to seeing you out there in beautiful SW Montana this fall and winter.

Spring is Upon Us 

Hi all Fool's Gold Fans.  We had a busy winter playing inside and in the dark.  Now its time to start playing outside in the light.  We will be playing a number of new venues this spring and summer.  We will start on April Fool's Day at one of our favorite venues, the Gallatin Riverhouse Grill, in Big Sky.  Next is the Annual Willies Pig Roast in Ennis, MT in early June.  Private parties in June, July, and August along with a couple of visits to the Wild West in W. Yellowstone.  We'll have a couple of weddings spattered in there as well.  We are fortunate to have a great new drummer join the band, Jake Boggess.  He is featured on the home page playing a drum solo in Miss You.

Let us know if you are thinking about having a party or wedding.  We would love to help you out.  There are a couple of videos from some recent wedding performances on the site as well.  We hope to see you soon!

Hunting Season is over time for Ski and Fool's Gold Dancing Season  

Fool's Gold has a pretty action-packed winter coming up.  We have added some new tunes to the repertoire and some new venues to play as well. We start off this winter at the Blue Moon Saloon in Cameron, MT.  New Year's Eve we will be in Big Fork at Marina Cay.  Then we have some gigs in Big Sky, MT at the Riverhouse Grill in January, February, and April Fools Day!  We would love to see you at any or all of these gigs.  We will be sure to keep the beat up and you out on the dance floor.

If you are planning a wedding this spring or summer...better call soon as we are getting booked up.  I believe our first wedding in 2017 is on March 18th.

Fall is here in the Madison Valley Fool's Gold will be back in the bars 

After an extremely busy summer with weddings, rodeos, events and private parties, Fool's Gold will be playing some bar gigs.  The next gig is on October 21st at the Gravel bar for the annual Hunter's feed.  We will be a Willies Distillery, the Blue Moon Saloon, and the Eagles in Bozeman.  We have a number of new tunes to play and the band is happy to get back to our roots.... playing in bars.  We hope to see you at one of the shows coming up!

Summer is here - Let's get it on 

We just came off a fantastic weekend playing at the Pig Roast at Willies Distillery and the Gravel Bar in Ennis, MT.  Great times and great weather.  Cold and rainy weather this spring has greened up all of southwestern Montana.  Its beautiful and time to play outside.  We have four weddings coming up around the area:  West Yellowstone, Red Lodge, Pony, and Big Sky.  We also have some fun community events as well.  The NRA Rodeo at the Madison County Fair in Twin Bridges and the Fireman's Picnic during Sheridan Days in Sheridan, MT.  We'll be doing some bar gigs in between as well.

We are available for some slots in September, October, and November.  Keep us in mind if you have something coming up.  We thank all of you who have made to to the shows thus far this year and we hope to meet some new friends this summer as well.

Cabin Fever 

Now that we are in to the throws of cabin fever season, we are wanting to get out and party.  We have a new line up and are extremely pleased with the band and our sound.  We have a great party gig coming up on April 1st at the Blue Moon Saloon in Cameron.  The whole valley is coming out for a real big time.  Make sure you put that one in your calendars.  Looking ahead we have Willies Distillery Pig Roast on June 4th, and we are booked up for the balance of summer.  We have the Madison County Fair, Sheridan Day's Fireman's Picnic and several weddings.  We are adding new tunes to the repertoire every week.  Both country and rock.  We'll have a guest vocalist at the Pig roast gig in June.  Steve Millar has been a professional musician for 40+ years and he is off the charts good. If you want us to play at your festivals let us know soon.  Not many times left on the calendar.  We hope to see you around.  Thanks for your continued support.  We really appreciate it!

Happy New Year 

2015 was a great year for Fools Gold.  A few great music festivals, a few awesome weddings, a kick-ass New Years Eve Party in W. Yellowstone, MT., many bar gigs and a couple of pig roasts.  We look forward to see what 2016 has in store for us and our fans.  We have been fortunate to be joined by an awesome keyboard player from time to time, Oscar Dominguez.  We have a couple of weddings booked so far and a couple of private parties.  The bar gigs will continue in Bozeman, Ennis, Virginia City, Livingston, and W. Yellowstone.  Look for postings on both our website and our Facebook page.  We continue to add new songs to our repertoire.  Country, blues and rock.  With the addition of our sound-man, Mitch Shuck on vocals, we do some AC/DC and Led Zeppelin as well.

If your thinking about having a summer party, let us know soon.  We get booked up for summer pretty fast.  We look forward to seeing you at one or more of our gigs over the winter.  Feel free to inquire any time.  Rock on.....................

It's Fall...... Time for some super fun gigs 

We have some great gigs coming up.  We start up in early October with a 2 nighter at the Eagles in Bozeman.  Next Octoberfest in West Yellowstone.  It's called Beer Fest in West.  This will be an awesome time.  Imagine a Montana version of the German OctoberFest.  There will be many of your favorite local breweries in attendance to share their brews with you.  There will be great OctoberFest food as well.  Music from 2-6pm.  Make sure to put this one on your calendar.  October 23 is the day before rifle opener for Elk and Deer.  The place to be:  Ennis, MT for the annual Hunter's Feed.  All the establishments in town cook up their best wild game recipes and share it with everyone that is in town.  The Gravel Bar is the Place to be afterwards for a great pre-opener party.  We'll be playing till all the hunters leave to get some needed sleep before the season opens.  We have added a number of new tunes to the repertoire.  Some country.  Some rock.  Some Blues.  If you are in the area you wont want to miss it.

Look for other gigs to occur as we move from fall to winter.  Thanks for all the good words summer was a blast.  Moods of the Madison.  Brew and Spirit Fest.  A couple of really splendid weddings and the Wells Fargo.  We hope to see you all soon.

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Fool's Gold-34th Annual Hunter's Feed

Gravel Bar, 305 E Main Street, Ennis MT

We are back again to work with all the hunters to ensure a great kickoff to the 2019 elk and deer season. At the world renowned GBar on mainstreet in Ennis. Come early to town to taste all the great game recipes made by the local proprietors then hope in to the GBar for the show and dancing!!!