Cabin Fever

Now that we are in to the throws of cabin fever season, we are wanting to get out and party.  We have a new line up and are extremely pleased with the band and our sound.  We have a great party gig coming up on April 1st at the Blue Moon Saloon in Cameron.  The whole valley is coming out for a real big time.  Make sure you put that one in your calendars.  Looking ahead we have Willies Distillery Pig Roast on June 4th, and we are booked up for the balance of summer.  We have the Madison County Fair, Sheridan Day's Fireman's Picnic and several weddings.  We are adding new tunes to the repertoire every week.  Both country and rock.  We'll have a guest vocalist at the Pig roast gig in June.  Steve Millar has been a professional musician for 40+ years and he is off the charts good. If you want us to play at your festivals let us know soon.  Not many times left on the calendar.  We hope to see you around.  Thanks for your continued support.  We really appreciate it!