Our Story

Dan Metzger
s the leader of the band, Dan keeps everybody totally engaged in delivering the fun factor.  Dan plays electric and acoustic guitar, both rhythm and lead.  He sings both lead and harmony as well. Originally from Minnesota, he makes his home in Ennis, MT.  His style of play is clean and his leads are melodic.  Dan loves singing the blues.

Brian Cartwright
Bass and vocals.  He is Fool's Gold's crooner.  Brian has the voice and the bass chops.  Brian is a highly talented musician.  He plays bass, guitar, and keyboards.  He sings both lead and backup vocals.  He hails from Orange County, CA and now resides in the Bozeman area.  He is the bands rock and roller as well.  Brian and Jake make the most solid rhythm section in Montana, period!

Ben Balyeat
Arguably the best musician in the band, regardless the instrument.  He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and sings.  Look for him to light the room up with his blazing guitar solos.  He is extremely talented, fun loving, and entertaining.  As one of the younger ones in the band, Ben keeps us updated and clearly with the times.  Ben lives in Bozeman, MT.

Jake Boggess
The man with the beat. Jake originally hails from the deep piney woods of East Texas where he was steeped in red dirt country and rock n roll since birth. Jake is a longtime Pro Patroller for Big Sky Ski Patrol as well as a soon-to-be Registered Nurse. An avid drummer and veteran performer, Jake has tremendous style and is the backbone of this group. When not playing music, you'll find him in the mountains year-round with his dogs and his wife.

Daisy Balyeat
Daisy is our MVP. When you come to a Fool's Gold live show, you will be blown away at the professional, high-quality sound she provides.  Daisy makes sure the band's sound is balanced for the audience with low stage noise and appropriate volume for all venues. She makes us who we are!